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Download - 1.4Mb. Runs on Windows

Comes complete with full source-code, or download the source separately

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Browse graphicsBrowse through directories, displaying graphics files in the main window
SlideshowsLet the program run in slideshow mode, displaying files either randomly, or in order, with adjustable speed.
Manage filesEasy-renaming and moving of files
Bulk renamefile001.jpg, file002.gif... (many options)
Interfaces with other programsOpen a file in your default editor, use something from your 'send-to' menu, or pick another editor.
Create HTML indicesCreate an HTML file listing and displaying every photo in the directory, which you can then open in a browser. (See IndexDirectory for a more powerful implementation of this feature)
Stealth modePress F2 to hide the image being viewed
GPL licenseModify or distribute the program yourself
Open-sourceSee how the program works, no hidden features or spyware.

GraphicExplorer is a utility program for browing directories full of graphics. Windows Explorer is supposed to do this, but I found that whenever anything changed (installing a proper web-browser for example), it mysteriously stopped working.

So I wrote this. Still useful, hope it does what you want

It's faster than the programs which compute thumbnails for everything, but slow to load large images. It uses the "Image Control" in Visual Basic, which like as not, is probably an embedded copy of Internet Explorer or something. It's main limitation is not being able to display PNG files, which is starting to become more of a problem as PNGs become the standard for non-photographic images

It's got slideshow modes, and renaming, and other such tools, and it's all easy code to edit in VB if you'd like to change something. Perhaps someone could put an embedded copy of Firebird in place of the image control, so that it can display PNG, SVG, and all the rest?

View the help-file

The project is now hosted on SourceForge, which gives you: Logo

Linux users

For viewing images in a similar way to GraphicExplorer, you will probably find KuickView the most useful. It supports previews, slideshows, and will open images in a choice of viewers. Type kuickview & from any command-line prompt, or search for it amongst your programs menu

For organising your images, try one of the file-managers which supports thumbnail views in the file window. Nautilus (Gnome's default file manager) does this well, while Rox is even better and quicker.