Tools and resources

Date and time tools


View a calendar for any month


Eclipse information, moon phase, easter date, etc.

Graphic Calendar

Monthly calendars as images (with PHP source code)

Lunar Graphic Calendar

Yearly calendar plotting moon number against moon-phase

Art and design tools

Colour Chart

HTML colour reference

Mapping and geographical tools


Basic (so far) world map


Slightly better map

Network tools

What's my IP address?

Always useful to know: what's the IP address of the computer you're using

What's my browser?

The identification string that your web browser is sending to websites

Random password generator

Does exactly what it says on the tin

Display calibration tools

Colour calibration

Just some blocks of colour on a page


Onscreen rulers

Organisational tools

To-Do lists

Tools that you can use on the web

Programming and development tools

COCOMO code count

Web-based calculator for the value of a software project

Mathematical tools


A javascript calculator