Image of a magical light spiralling around a decorated circleDigital Blasphemy — Top reccommended: some of the best backgrounds on the web.
Image of dolphins swimmingCaedes wallpapers — Changed a lot since it was listed here...
Guillaume — Antarctic, climbing, and Tibet photos
Firefox wallpapers — Browser wars
Image from hubble space telescopESA Hubble images — Deep space
Example wallpaperDeviantArt — Many contributed wallpapers
Tux the linux mascot, walking down a muddy lane with his umbrellaTux in the rain — the classic linux backdrop
(direct link to jpeg file)
Array of demonic facesDemons, darkness, and death — the collection
Human eyeTigerT — Arts in the GIMP
Grass-roofed house in IcelandPhoto.net — Contributed photos from people worldwide
Slackware babyLinux forum — Linux wallpapers
Image of sun shining through a cloudy skyUser gallery at Digital Blasphemy — - not only does Digital Blasphemy have the best wallpapers, it also has hundreds of contributed images from other artists, the best of which are displayed here.
Snowy tree in a snowy winter sceneWikipedia wallpapers — Featured images on wikipedia
Image from the spiderman filmJo Blo, movie wallpapers — Find a wallpaper from your favourite film, official or fansite...
Skyview through branchesLocal wallpapers — - stuff on my own website
Dragon sitting on a rocky mountainDark wallpapers — links to lots of goth and dark film wallpapers
Image from The Matrix film, showing the characters posing in leatherGoogle image search — an example search, showing some matrix wallpapers
Closeup of grass against a blue skyGnome look — Visual effects for GNOME
Image of a colourful racing carDualScreen — Dual-monitor wallpapers

Giger fans may also find the posters useful

Making wallpapers


Try also doing an image search on google for the subject of your choice:

Search google for wallpapers:

Realtime image of the
XPlanet: Get a constantly updated image of the Earth as your backdrop, with the option of downloading real-time cloud images from the internet on demand or at intervals. (Free as in GNU!)

Dead links

The following pages used to have good wallpaper sites, but seem to be deadlinks now


Giger 1

Giger 2